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Countries : Marinas in Israel

Marina Eilat / 29°33' N - 34°58' E
Marina Manager: Doron Heler
office Hrs.: 07:30 - 17:30
Tel: 972-8-6376761
Fax: 08-6315454
Geo. Position: 29°33' N - 34°58' E
Entarance Navigation lights: ALT. GP./10/ W.G
Radio com / call sign: VHF 16 and 11 / "Eilat Marina"
Operational water depth: 2.5 - 3 Meters
Number of berths: 300 incl. inner Marina Laguna*
Port of entry: In coordination with Marina management
Remarks: * The entrance must be coordinated on VHF with Marina management *4 Miles South West of Eilat Marina. FL.W. 10 SEC. vis.21 Miles *Light House directing to the Marina, is positioned on large building (Hotel) behind the Marina. Displaying light: ALT. GP.(10) W.G.
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