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Rowing the Atlantic in 42 days

The two-man New Zealand team, Telecom Challenge 1, crewed by Matt Goodman and Steve Westlake have won the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge. They landed at Port St Charles, Barbados, at 1131 GMT, 18 November 2001.
They missed out on beating the world record of 41 days 2 hours 55 minutes by just under 24 hours. The current record is held by fellow Kiwis Rob Hamill and the late Phil Stubbs who won the race in 1997.

Close behind Matt and Steve are their keen rivals, Team Freedom, manned by Australian's Paul McCarthy and Patrick Weinrauch, who, as of their last satellite reading at 11.11.01 GMT, have 174 miles to go to the race finish. (18 Nov.)
There's also another battle at sea as Telecom Challenge, New Zealand's women's team, Stephanie Brown and Jude Ellis, battle to regain third place. They are the only all female team in the race.
The latest locations and further race details can be found on


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