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ISAF Conference November 2001

The ISAF Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal 9-17 November 2001
Wrapping up its business, having considered nearly 200 recommendations Follows an overview on the main events.

The evening of 13 November 2001 and the prestigious ISAF Rolex World Sailor Awards presentation, saw the announcement of the male and female sailors who claimed the 2001 title.
Ellen MacArthur took the female title in recognition of her extraordinary successes in the 2000-2001 Vendיe Globe single-handed circumnavigation, to become the fastest single-handed female circumnavigator completing the Vendיe on her Open 60 "Kingfisher" in 94 days, having sailed 25,780 nautical miles, breaking the previous record by over 30 days !!!

Robert Scheidt with the male award in recognition of his domination of the Laser Class over the years. He won his fifth Laser World
Championship title in 2001 (1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001),

Offshore Committee
Following the initial agreement last year, ISAF and the ORC presented their joint proposal to the ISAF Council for the future relationship.

2004 Olympic Regatta
Preparations and Test Event - ATHOC made a presentation to Council updating on preparations for 2004.
The system by which countries will qualify for the 2004 Olympic Regatta was agreed, number of countries that can qualify each year split as a percentage for each year, therefore in 2002 - 30% of the total sailors in each event will qualify, in 2003 - 40% and 2004 - 30%

Olympic Boardsailing Event - Mistral
It was confirmed that the Mistral Board will be supplied for the 2004
Olympic Regatta in Athens, and that no modifications or alterations to
equipment permitted by sailors. Further that no redress or replacement of equipment will be permitted by competitors, except if it can be proved that it is no fault of the competitor.

Match Racing
With the demise of match racing from the Olympic Regatta, concern was expressed on the future of this important element of the sport, particularly for women. In many countries match racing is felt to be one of the best ways of attracting women into sailing.

Event Format and Scoring Systems
With the vast array of formats and scoring systems used around the world, a proposal had been made to introduce a standard system for Olympic Class

Racing Rules of Sailing
Council approved that the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2005-2009 will come into effect globally on 1 January 2005. No changes to the Racing Rules will be permitted after November 2003.

ISAF World Sailing Games
It was confirmed that the ISAF World Sailing Games will take please in Marseille, France from Saturday 29 June 2002 to Thursday 11 July 2002.


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