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ARC yachts in dramatic rescue

One of the advantages of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers is the ARC Communications Net - and once again this proved invaluable when one of the competitors, the British Beneteau 47.7 Jus'Do It, picked up a mayday on 29 November.
The mayday came over the VHF from French yacht Sagitair, which was reporting rudder problems. Jus'Do It contacted ARC control in Cowes and a fleet-wide request for assistance was sent out over the radio net. ARC yacht Spirit of Clyde was nearest to the stricken French yacht and was the first arriving in the nick of time.
The Frenchman was taken off Sagitair onto the Spirit of Clyde, which although was a smaller yacht on the scene but had fewer crew and so was better able to accommodate the unexpected guest.
It seems that Sagitair had just the one person on board and all involved in the rescue are reported well. The distressed yacht has been abandoned and is expected to sink within the next few hours. Falmouth MRCC have issued a warning to shipping in the area, while the Spirit of Clyde, complete with a new crew member, are continuing towards St Lucia in the Caribbean.


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