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VOLVO OCEAN RACE arrives to Sidney

Illbruck - second leg, second time first place, finished at 00:22 GMT this morning,
73 minutes ahead of second placed SEB. Navigator Juan Vila paid tribute to his boat and crew. "The boat is very fast and we have got a good team and basically, there are just minutes between the top boats, so it's all a matter of pushing the boat and the whole crew did a very good job of that, I'm lucky to have them! That's probably the secret!"

The first place, did not come so easy as Kostecky the skipper describes:
"I was actually up on the bow pulling down the new sail and the bow kept going under water. We thought the bow was filling up with water and we sent crewmember down to check. The inspection shoved that, water was funneling right in. When we were able to see it, we put a sail bag over it to stop it and we started bailing the water out and we were able to do some temporary fixes for that first night so we wouldn't take on more water. Once we got everything under control, we could get racing.
But for the last two hours, we weren't thinking anything about racing, we were just fighting for survival. To make matters that first night worse, we lost our instruments. The next morning, we looked up, all things gone. We sent somebody up the mast and discovered that the whole bracket broke off. So we couldn't put our spare wind instruments up there. We had to rely on our seat of our pants sailing and fortunately we have a lot of great sailors on board so we were able to deal with that difficult situation".

Once they began racing, the illbruck crew showed every minute of the three years they have spent training. Having fallen 65 miles behind, as the rest of the fleet took off at record speed in perfect conditions early in the leg, illbruck gathered herself and began to claw back lost ground despite her instrument problems. She led the fleet around Eclipse Island, stopping there to fit new masthead instruments.

Volvo Ocean Race: Second Leg Finishers (Finish times GMT)
1. illbruck - 4 Dec 01 - 00:22
2. SEB - 4 Dec 01 - 01:35
3. News Corp - 4 Dec 01 - 02:17
4. djuice - 4 Dec 01 - 06:43
5. Amer Sports One - 4 Dec 01 - 06:50
Still Racing
6. Assa 7. Amer Sports Too
Tyco (Rudder stock failure)


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