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Israeli rescue Austrian yacht in Greece

The Israeli fishing boat "Har Carmel" was underway from Corfu to Kefalonia on 3 December 2001. A pitch dark night with winds up to 30 Knots and rough sea, when at 03:10 a "Mayday" was received on the VHF.
The skipper Yehuda Talmor reports: "A quick look at the chart revealed that the yacht in distress is 3 miles away from us. Without hesitation we increased speed and pointed our bow into the direction of the distress, simultaneously we prepared our towing lines, the big auxiliary water pump and established contact with Corfu Radio.

We arrived to the scene within 20 minutes and sighted the damaged Austrian yacht "Herminia" a new 40 feet Jeanneau. We sent over our crewmember to check the nature of the problem. After inspection he discovered a large crack between the shaft and the steering pedestal and a lot of water in the hull. Diving under the yacht in the freezing cold water he managed to stop the water intake and immediately we started the tow to Corfu, where we arrive at 09:30 and received a warm welcome by the Greeks. The "Herminia" was lifted out of water instantly for repair. The saved crew did not stopped from praising our extraordinary operation of saving them and their new nice yacht.

Epilogue ! Our hard night work was not in vain, a nice check of 13.000 Euro from the insurance company of the "Herminia" waited for us upon our arrival back to Israel.


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