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Kishon Marina -the northern gate to Israel !

The new Kishon Marina situated inside the Haifa-Kishon port is the obvious port of entry for yachts arriving and departing from Israel to Cyprus, Turkey and Lebanon.
In spite of the pollution problems in the area, it seems that the popularity of this marina is raising and today more than 150 yachts are moored in the new marina. Facilities are essential and basic services are available.

The Carmel Yacht Club, which served as entry & exit port in the past is loosing it's task due to inconvenience in mooring there and being very dangerous during the winter when the sea swell is coming in from the harbor entrance.
The club members are discussing these days to desert their old club that was established more than 60 years ago and transfer their activities into a new club in the Kishon Marina. In spite of the debate, no doubt that this is the safest marina in Israel.


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