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Volvo Ocean Race - Media Coverage

Results from ongoing and extensive media research confirm that the Volvo Ocean Race is reaching a wider audience than ever before. The Volvo Ocean Race was formerly The Whitbread Round the World Race, and on examination of the media coverage the event achieved four years ago, the statistics show a huge improvement.

350 broadcasters worldwide are receiving daily feeds. Figures show that, after the completion of legs one and two, a cumulative total of over 258 million people have been exposed to the Volvo Ocean Race.
Not surprisingly, Germany has been the most successful country to date; the overall race leader is the German-based illbruck Challenge. Germany has TV showcased the race through seven hours of news coverage, and not far short of that is the UK, France, Sweden and the USA.

Thirty-eight weekly programs are being produced throughout the duration of the race and transmitted in quality timeslots through a total of 45 broadcasters. Highlights programs in the previous race were only broadcast through 27 outlets and mainly in off-peak segments. Additionally, 10 leg highlights programs are also in production and are being shown all over the world.
Press coverage is also moving forward strongly. The Volvo Ocean Race has its own, state-of-the-art image archive and picture desk, which allows the media to select and download high resolution images shot by the world's best marine photographers, as well as by members of the racing crews. The image bank contains 2,000 images, and during the first two legs of the race, over 4,500 images were downloaded for use in the media.

The Internet has always been one of the most interesting ways of following an offshore event such as the Volvo Ocean Race. 1.5 million unique visitors checked in during the first two legs of the event.

The race is still only a half of the way through its nine-month adventure. Until reaches its conclusion in Kiel, Germany on June 9th, millions of people will have the chance to become involved as it reaches out to an even wide and more diverse
audience around the world


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