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Jules Verne Trophy - Abandoned !

The huge 110 feet trimaran Geronimo is on its way back to Brest. Steering problems have forced Olivier de Kersauson and his crew to abandon their around the world attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy. After repeated problems driving the giant trimaran Geronimo at high speeds of 25 knots and above, de Kersauson made the decision while off the north coast of Brazil, at 10°S, saying that he could not risk the boat and crew running out of control in the Southern Ocean.
The crew are returning more slowly to Brest under sail, where they will investigate solutions. Sadly, however, the setback means that Kersauson's Jules Verne ambitions for this year are over.

Unusually for a trimaran, Geronimo has only one rudder on the main hull. Consequently it is the largest ever made for a fast multihull, some 4m deep.
It seems that the rudder will have to be redesigned and rebuilt.
Once repairs are done, Olivier de Kersauson will set his sights on other records and will ready the boat for a Jules Verne attempt next winter. By then several other challengers will be ready: Tracy Edwards, Ellen MacArthur and Steve Fossett have indicated they are looking at next year as well.


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