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On 19 August 2000, afternoon, at a distance of approx. 25 miles offshore the Israeli coast, a collision occurred between the container ship "Zim Eilat" and the sailing yacht "Easy Sail 2" The fully loaded with containers was underway from Port Said to Haifa, at a speed of more than 20 Knots. The Yacht was sailing from Paphos, Cyprus to Tel Aviv, Israel at a speed of 5 - 7 Knots.

According to the marine law, the ship was supposed to give way to the yacht, since she was cruising under sail. Due to the high speed of the ship, it was not detected by the yacht crew, since the last lookout, only few meters before the collision. Due to the fast preventing action and luck on behalf of the yacht a serious disaster has been avoided.
According to the report of Mr. Kadar, one of the crew members of the yacht, at the instant he was thrown from his berth and hit the cabin ceiling. He rushed out to the cockpit and saw the huge stern of the ship disappearing. The ship crew probably did not noted the collision and it did not stop, as if nothing happened. Luckily, nobody was injured and the damaged yacht was able to reach Tel Aviv marina.

The end of the incident is not yet known, this will be debated in court, within the near future. By now the ship agent Dizengof company, was imposed to put a bail of $ 50.000 according to the demand of the yacht owner's lawyer.

To the attention of all yachtsman ! The closing time (collision) between two vessels sailing each towards the other. One at speed of 20 Knots (ship) and the other at a speed of 6 Knots (yacht) - is 11 MINUTES !!! (this is from the moment they appear on the horizon of each other and might be sighted) Editorial note.

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