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The eight strong Volvo Ocean Race fleet is now based in Annapolis having paraded down the Chesapeake Bay on Friday 26th April from Baltimore, the port of arrival from Miami.

The last long, trans-ocean leg will start from Annapolis today Sunday, April 28th.
Estimated arrival time for the fleet in La Rochelle, France is 11 May 2002.
Distance: 3,400 nautical miles

To prevent the fleet from sailing into the ice zone off Newfoundland, the Race Committee has set a prohibited area in the North Atlantic into which the fleet is not permitted to enter. This area is an obstruction. This prohibited area is defined by the area inside the parallels of lat and meridians of longitude, 40 degrees north, 58 degrees north, 45 degrees west, 51 degrees west.

The Illbruck is accepted as unbeatable in the Volvo Ocean "Since Miami, no one has been able to win this other than illbruck," said the skipper of Amer Sports One. "
I think most of the boats have said that or accepted that already. This is a race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th."


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