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The Israeli Yacht Championship - Finals

The Championship proved to be the biggest and most impressive yachting event held in this area, ever ! This is due to the professional organization and comprehensive promotion directed by Mr. Israel Perlov the chairman of the Israeli Yachting Association and his staff. They have been assisted by the administration aid of "Sea-Gal" The Israeli Marine College and the generous sponsorship of VOLVO and OMEGA.
All these made it possible to organize a yacht race of a high standard. a large number of yachts participated.

In total 34 yachts (L.O.A. 24 to 54 feet) took part. The fleet was divided into 3 groups according to the handicap of each yacht. For the first time, the RCYC handicap system was used. The system and the computer software proved itself in South Africa during the last 15 years and it was brought to Israel and operated by Mr. Alan Montlake.

The winner of group A (cruiser-racers), was ASTERIX (X-362), skippered by Michael Kish. The winner of group B (cruisers), was "ARGESTIS" (Sunshine 36) skippered by Noam Froiman (Friday) and Matan Cohen (Saturday) from "Sea-Gal".
The winner of group C (small boats), was "LOLLIPOP" (J-24), skippered by Efraim Nativ. A special prize for the fastest boat was awarded to "SABRA 2" skippered by Ezra Raichert.

The chairman of the judges committee was Mr. Yoram Kedar and the Chairman of the race committee was Mr. Uri Rotshtein from "Sea-Gal".
Special thanks must be given to the management and the staff of HERZLIA MARINA. A great deal of the success is to their credit, due to the perfect organization and the warm welcome to the fleet.

* Places second and third will be advised after additional clarification.


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