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Marina Tel Aviv is celebrating 30 Anniversary

Tel Aviv Marina was established in 1972 as an experimental project of Tel Aviv Municipality for small dinghies and base for the Youth Sailing Clubs. The start was very humble a container on the beach with a simple wire fence around, this was
Tel Aviv Marina. At that time nobody thought of Yachts in Israel.

Still, some small yachts started to arrive and a 20 feet yacht was on-looked with great admiration a 30 feet was considered as a "Supper-Yacht".

Well 30 years passed bay...
Atarim the Municipal Development Company and the Management of Marina
Tel Aviv is inviting all yachtsman to a grand celebration taking place on the
25th of May 2002 from 10:00 to 18:00 Hrs.

The program includes: Local Sailing Regattas, Artistic Shows and Music Bands,
Photograph Exhibition regarding the History of the Marina and lots of refreshments.

All sailors and friends are invited.


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