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ISAF World Sailing Games

Wednesday, 10 July 2002 Marseille has offered a harvest of medals for the winning teams. The French team claimed 9 medals of which 4 are gold. The Italian team who claimed 4 medals, two of which are gold. The Australian crews also performed excellently, with 3 medals of which two are gold.. The small Israeli team claimed one gold medal and fifth, sixth and seventh places in the 470 double-handed dinghies - male female.

For many nations, the event gave them the opportunity to compete against nations, whom they would otherwise never have the opportunity to race, such as Guam Island, Columbia or Nambia. The event gave them the only chance to compete against the rest of the world. All boats are supplied by the organizers in a bid to encourage as many nations as possible to participate. The competitors change boats each day to ensure that the racing is as fair as possible.

After 12 days of competitions with very shifty weather conditions, with winds from
0 to 40 Knots. The tension was long-lasting. As soon as the crews were back from the venue, neither of the two crews aiming for the Gold knew who was World Champion. Finally Israel'sYosef Yogev and Amir Shahaf won over French brothers' Benjamin and Romain Bonnaud.

The Israeli and French teams summed up:
" It was a difficult race and each point was important. The important issue was to keep confident and we realized it quite easily as we actually did not compete that much due to the wind conditions. Each time we were on the sea, we had to adapt again to the changing conditions. For this reason nobody really took any risk Being regular and not to make mistakes was the winning point."


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