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Sailing News


News from East Turkey and North Cyprus

Some year ago the sailing East of Alanya was not very popular, since there was lack of Marinas or suitable Harbors in this area, though the scenery and natural bays and anchorage are not less beautiful than in the popular West Turkey.

Now Israeli yachts visited the area and discovered some interesting developments. New marinas in process of building, new piers for yachts in existing Harbors and more services for yachts. Unfortunately these developments are NOT appearing in the mostly important pilot book published by Rod Heikell, The Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot and we are trying to point this out to the publishers: Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson, hopefully this will be corrected soon !

By now you may acquire the information solely in Hebrew on our Site in the "Lybrary" section and more detailed articles in the Sailing News Yachting Magazine, editions: 31, 36 and 37.
If you are interested to obtain this (in Hebrew), please send Name and
Post address to: info@sailing-news
The dispatch fee is USD 10.- in Israel and USD 15.- Airmail any place abroad.


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