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LOU MASEROW - friend and yachtsman died.

Lou Maserow died on Sunday November 5th 2000 after a difficult illness.
Born in South Africa he came to Israel in 1948 and was one of the first pilots of the Israel Air force. Later he joined El Al and became a senior Captain and Instructor. As happens with many air force and airline personnel, he developed a passion for the sea.
The yachting community will remember him as an enthusiastic and gifted sailor. He personally built several boats, the last of which was a 14 meter trimaran. Then there was a catamaran and finally a mono-hull. He and his wife, Sima, cruised extensively, spending long months on the water. He was a skillful and adventurous amateur yachtsman, well known to fellow sailors in the Mediterranean and beyond. He and Sima were famous for the hospitality generously extended on their boats.


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