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The first race in this series was held on 25 November, in front of Marina Herzlia. 22 yachts attended on the start line. Due to very light wind the start was postponed by one hour. At 12 Hrs, when the wind raise to Northwesterly 10 -15 Knots, the race started.

Interesting was the close race in group A between the "Asterix" skippered by Mike Kish, the "Fleethwood" by Azriel (Match) Rahav and the "Sabra 2" by Ezra Reichert. The three yachts arrived to the finish line within 2 minutes between each other (corrected time). In group B, first place to "Solymar" skippered by Dani Segev, second "Azimuth" by Eitan Granon, third "Albatros" by Dereh Hayam. Group C first place to "Lolipop" skippered by Efraim Nativ.

The organization by the Yachting Association and the race management of the Nautical School - Dereh Hayam was excellent and professional. The chairman of the race committee was Mr. Yosi Sokolov.


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