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Vendee Globe - follow up

It has taken less than a week for the front runners to reach first waypoint mark to the North of the Gran Canaria. By now, the race favorite Michael Desjoy sailing the "PRB" has taken the lead from the Open 60 veteran Yves Parlier on board the "Aquitaine Inovations". On the third place presently is the young sailor Ellen MacArthur on board the "Kingfisher"
By now, all is going well in the race, apart from the accident to the Belgian skipper Patrick de Radiges, which was hit by the boom in an accidental gybe. The incident happened near the Portuguese coast and while the skipper was unconscious, the yacht had run up the coast near Lisbon. The skipper was salvaged by the Portuguese Coastguard and transferred to hospital. The boat will be salvaged but does not seems to continue the race.


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