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Piracy - Danger Warnings

Piracy - Danger Warnings The Southern tip of the Red Sea is a danger area for yachts. A French Sailing Yacht was attacked on Sunday 26th November by seven men in three fast boats in position approximately 012:17N - 044:52E. The yacht took evasive action and the boarding was averted. There have also been attempts to board off Bab Al Mandeb around 13N - 43E.

The International Maritime Bureau advises that all vessels keep at least 100 miles off the coast of Somalia and reduce radio communications including VHF to the minimum.
The following areas have been identified as Piracy black spots
- Indonesia
- Malacca Straits
- Bangledesh
- India
- Malaysia
- Southern Red Sea
- Ecuador
Yachtsmen entering those areas are advised to consult the weekly report published by the International Maritime Bureau website at
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