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WINTER CUP, Series No. 2

The second race in the Winter Cup series, held by the Yachting Association in cooperation with the Yachting School Dereh Hayam, took place opposite Marina Tel Aviv on Saturday 30th December 2000. 24 yachts, from 24 to 52 feet, in 3 groups, took part in the race in a cloudy and wintry weather, moderate sea and south westerly 10-15 Knots of wind. The course run 4 miles offshore, rounding the "Radio Ship". There was a crowding near the start line, with few "near collision" situations and some excitements, but no harm was done.
The organizing team of the Yachting School Dereh Hayam including: Shoham, Riah and Yossy Sokolov, managed once more to set up a successful yachting event. The race was concluded with a fabulous price giving party with refreshment and lots of beer, enjoyed by 150 crew members.

The next race is planed for 27 January 2001 the start will be opposite Marina Herzlia. All yachtsman are invited.

To the attention of off yachtsman and organizers ! Professional yachting weather forecast for the East Mediterranean is set up daily at 09:30 on this site. Please enter from "WEATHER" on home page.


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