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VENDEE GLOBE - Dismasting mid Indian Ocean.

The yacht Aquitaine Inovation, skippered by Yves Parlier lost it's mast !!! Following the report of the disaster as described by Perlier himself: "Everything happened very quickly. The wind climbed very fast under a storm cloud, the boat took off and gybed uncontrollably, the loads were so big that the mast was brought down. It brake at the third upper part. I was thrown across the cockpit, luckily without injury".
The big surprise came later, Parlier announced that he is NOT going to abandon the race. He intends to raise a jury rig incorporating the 25 meters of mast remaining (out of 32 meters) and continue towards Australia and may be to Cape Horn a distance of 7.000 miles and than up the Atlantic Ocean to the finish line.


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