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BT Global Challenge

The yacht race defined as "The world's toughest yacht race" , is under way to circumnavigate the glob "The wrong way", this is against the predominant winds and currents of the world. 12 identical 72 feet yachts, built specially for the purpose are taking part in the race. The first leg, from Southampton to Boston, distance of 3.200 Miles started on 10 September. (ETA Boston 28 September). Than the race will continue to Buenos Aires - Argentina, via Cap Horn to New Zealand and Sydney Australia, crossing the south Indian Ocean to Cape Town and than back to La Rochelle and Southampton. The fleet is expected to arrive back home during end June 2001.

Each yacht is operated by 16 crew members, headed by a professional skipper. Interesting point is that each crew members is paying the sum of GBP 24.850 in order to participate in the race. The general budget of the project is 9.5 million British pound. This is raised by company sponsors, headed by the British Telecom Company which is providing it's name to the race.

Updating 24 September: Due to very light winds the progress of the fleet is very slow. The leading boats on the 14th day of the race are: Quadston, LG Flatron and BP Explorer. No special incidents have been registered, except the collision of the "Logica with a fishing vessel. Nobody was injured, only the starboard aft side of the hull was dented slightly. This is not believed to effect the integrity of the hull. The yacht will continue the race. Survey and repair is to be carried in Boston or Buenos Aires.


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