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How much you pay for the marina fee ?

The guiding lines for calculating the mooring fees in a commercial marina is governed by two main parameters: profitability and competition. The pricing is taking into consideration several elements:

1.) Size of the vessel: length, width, volume (length x width x height).
2. Period of stay: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
3.) Nature of use of vessel: private or commercial.

Other factors that effect the pricing: in/of season, area of mooring in the marina, system of mooring (note article on this issue), the value of vessel, dwelling on yachts, car parking and activity of the marina.

Further, there are special services charged, such as: electricity, water, phone, television, showers, storage space or lockers, holding tanks pump out, cleaning & maintenance of yachts.

Important note ! You may find details of all major marinas in the East Mediterranean (Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece). Enter "Marina" section than your country of interest. There you find phones & addresses of all marinas. In due time we will provide more details when entering the "info" and "site" knobs. Including prices.


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