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News from the Shipping & Harbors Authority

Mr. Amos Raviv the international expert for development and management of harbors and marinas, who serves also as expert advisor on this site, was appointed as chairman of the development committee of the Israeli Shipping & Harbors Authority. As chairman of the committee Raviv will be responsible for the infrastructure and development of harbors, marinas and railways in Israel. The development budget of the Authority is one of the largest in the Israeli economy, it sums up to 3.5 billion NIS.

Mr. Raviv is known as veteran yachtsman, has acquired his degree in Business Management in the Polytechnic University of New York, is lecturing this days in the Universities of Ben Gurion and Bar Ilan on subjects of business strategy. Mr. Raviv's Ph.D. dissertation deals with the development of models for improving the profitability of harbors and marinas around the world. Among other assignments Mr. Raviv is also serving as director on behalf of the public in the Israeli Shipping & Harbors Authority, the chairmen of marinas committee in Atarim Tel Aviv beach development company and other public functions.


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