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BT Global Challenge - the world's toughest yacht race !

After a month interval and preparation in New Zealand, the race was re-started on the 18th. February for leg 4 from Wellington to Sydney, relatively short leg of 1.230 miles.

Just 2 hours after the start a crucial accident accrued. The yacht "Quadstone" struck the "Save the Children" on a port-starboard incident, for which "Quadstone" was claimed for liability. Both yachts suffered severe damage and had to return to the yard in Wellington for repairs. The repairs have been executed in record speed and on time to enable the yachts to join the fleet on the next leg.

On 11th. March the fleet re-stared for leg 5 from Sydney to Cape Town. Favorable winds have given the yachts a quick run South, passing in the notorious Bass Straits where two years ago during the Sydney-Hobart race several yachts has been damaged during a severe storm reaching 80 knots of wind. Also this time 2 crew members on the yacht "Veritas" have been injured during a storm and taken of the yacht and airlifted to hospital in Canberra. The fleet is just now passing the Bass Straits and about to face the first string of depressions with gale force south-westerlies. Once in the South Ocean this will be the conditions the yachts will have to encounter all the way to Cape Town distance of 6.200 miles. They are supposed to arrive there around 15 April 2001.


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