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Olympic news

As of today the following classes have finished the races -

Mistral Men
Gold: Austria
Silver: Argentina
Bronze: New Zealand
6th: Greece won gold medal in 1996
7th: Amit Inbar ISR with the following placing 3, 13, (14), 13, 13, 5, (37), 4, 13, 4, 11 total 79 points
Amit who was supposed to come back with an Olympic medal failed. When asked he couldn’t come back with a good answer but agreed that he got all the help from the Israeli authorities. Amit’s plans for the future are not set yet.

Mistarl Women
Gold: Italy
Silver: Germany
Bronze: New Zealand
6th: Hong Kong won gold medal in 1996.
14th : Michal Hein. Michal just came for the trip and since she promised nothing, She stuck to her plan.

This 3 men keelboat event is the most surprising one. The event, which is the only fleet/match combination, looked at the beginning to be quite an easy format – 12 out of 16 are stepping up from 6 fleet races to fight for the medals in a set of match race duels. All one has to do is make sure he is in the 12 after the fleet series. That turned to be impossible for such aces like the Abbots from Canada (13), Celon from Italy (14) the Finnish and Doreste (an Olympic medallist) from Spain who came last. Actually it was so difficult that Jesper Banks from Denmark –medal in 1992, Barely made it to become 12. Today we have the 4 who are going into the semi-finals and these are
Germany - Schuemann
Denmark - Banks
Holland with Roy Heiner Bronze in Finn class in 1996.


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