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Vendee Globe with a broken mast !

After 127 days of sailing, survival and serious repair work, Yves Pelier on board his Aquitaine Innovation, crossed the finish line of the Vendee Globe in France on 16 March 2001.

It's an amazing odyssey for Perlier, one that will no doubt appear in a book and possibly as movie version in the future.
From a leading position in the race and raising stakes, Perlier appeared to have lost it all when his carbon mast snapped below the spreaders after an accidental jibe. The disaster struck about 1500 miles west of Australia. Perlier managed to raise a jury rig and sail towards New Zealand, he made it to Stewart Island, anchored below the tide line (as permitted by the race rules) and rebuild his mast with the remaining parts of the mast. With the job complete he was able to carry a reefed main on his 16 meters spar and headed back out to the South Pacific to continue the race around the world.
Having rounded Cape Horn, the food provisions started to get low and he had to break out the emergency rations. Since entering the South Atlantic, Perlier has been obsessed by the thought of a decent meal, supplementing his meagre food supply with anything that ended up on his deck in the morning: crabs, kelp, flying fish ...
The arrival of Perlier is a testament to the strength of character and highly professional seamanship of this jovial Frenchman. Most remarkable circumnavigation in the recent years.

Please note previous article on this subject on 1/1/2001


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