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Aviezer Golan, journalist and veteran sailor is dead

Journalist, writer, senior associate in "Yediot Aharonot" and a veteran sailor, long time member of the Tel Aviv Marina, Aviezer died yesterday at the age of 78.

Next to journalism, his great passion was for the sea. Aviezer was an experienced sailor who cruised extensively both in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

His smile and friendliness were known to all. He was a familiar figure sitting with his pals in the Marina Cafe. He had been sick for some time but nobody had an inkling that health had recently deteriorated rapidly, and of his impending fate.

His wife Zipora, found him yesterday at his writing desk, after he put an end to his life. He left a short note in which he asked forgiveness from his family and in which he expressed his love for all his friends.


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