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The fifth and concluding race for this years series, organized by the Isaeli Sailing Organization with the assistance of Dereh Hayam Sailing School, took place 0n Saturday 31 March 2001 opposite Herzliya Marina. Once more the wind was disappointing (only 5-6 Knts), but in spite of this the determination of all yachtsman (except one) to finish the course was superb.

The price giving party and cold beer was a suitable compensation for the crews of 20 yachts that took part in the slow race in the hot sun. Following the results of all 3 categories. A special price was granted to the 6 yachts that that participated in all 5 races: Syndrome, Kidmit, Azimuth, Geffen, Jessica, and Asterix.

A special yacht & dinghy race will be held during the Passover Holidays 13 and 14 April near Tel Aviv Marina The participation of hundreds of boats is expected. Details and results will be published on this site. Our neighbor countries are invited send reports on local sailing events as well:. Any private inquire regarding Israeli yachting and dinghy activity or sailing procedures regarding the Israeli coast will replied. Following final results Winter Cup 2000-2001


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