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There will be no 2001 Admiral's Cup competition. The Royal Ocean Racing Club made that expected announcement today. And there will be no hasty substitutes to expose the club and its history-steeped event to the risk of further embarrassment.

So, the RORC is living the answer to that old question, what if you gave a party and (almost) nobody came? The RORC is also forced to see in harshest terms that the Admiral's Cup is a victim of changing times. Like the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit in Florida, it enjoyed a heyday in the 1980s under the International Offshore Rule, when it was still popular to have a series that mixed day racing with serious ocean racing. Now the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit has been through a cycle of death and resuscitation as four days of buoy racing out of Miami Beach. It's billed under the familiar acronym, SORC, but the ocean racing circuit is gone, and the forces that killed it include some of the same forces that undermined the Admiral's Cup. There's no truly vital, global measurement rule. The vital one-design classes are not globally distributed. And, given a wealth of options, the many yachting countries that had wanted and planned to field an Admiral's Cup team found it perfectly thinkable to skip it. Time waits for no format. Now comes the race to find a new one. - Sail Magazine web site,


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