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BT CHALLENGE on the home stretch !

14th of May saw the fleet crossing the start line in Cape Town as they head into the final leg of the race. This 5800 miles stage is the last oceanic leg that will take the crews back into the arms of friends and family from which they parted more than eight month ago.

This leg is assumed to be the most tactical stage of the race. The fleet heads round the south Atlantic and into the north east trade winds, than there is the choice to be made: How to negotiate the Doldrums, normally they are at their narrowest at the west, but they approach from the east...

Regarding the winners ! With few overall points separating the middle of the fleet, there is still plenty of scope for reversal of fortune before the race finish in June. One thing that looks unlikely to change is the supremacy in lead of CONRAD HUMPHREYS and his crew on the LG FLATRON !

The first yachts are estimated to arrive in La Rochelle from 12 June. The fleet restarts from France on 20 June to the Ocean Village in Southampton for the final price giving ceremony, which is supposed to take place on 24 June 2001.


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