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Speed records with sails on water & land

Official records in the world of speed sailing are broken down into classes by virtue of sail area. Simon McKeon and Tim Daddo set the outright speed record in October of 1993 aboard the famed Yellow Pages Endeavour in Sandy Point, Australia-46.52 knots-when the boat was configured as a C-Class vessel. The other existing records include:

* 10 square Meter Class, Thierry Bielak, 45.34 knots
* 10 square Meter Class (women), Babethe Coquelle, 40.05 knots
* A-Class (10-14 square meters), Russell Long, Long Shot-43.55 knots
* B-Class (14-22 square meters), Simon McKeon, YPE-44.65 knots
* C-Class (22-28 square meters), Simon McKeon, YPE-46.52 knots
* D-Class (over 28 square meters), Navarin/Columbo, 42.12 knots

On land, the current speed-sailing record-116.7 mph-is held by Bob Schumacher and Bob Dill aboard Iron Duck, a 39-foot, fixed-wing, slewed landsailer. The record on ice allegedly stands at 145 mph, though that remains unconfirmed.


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