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Israeli Yachting Market

Everybody is talking about economical depression in Israel, but it seems that the yachting market is not influenced and actually is developing at a nice rate. According to the reports of the Yacht Agencies, 40 new yachts have been imported to Israel during the last year among this a large proportion of Power Yacht. Most of the yachts imported are at size of 40-50 feet at the budgets of US Dollars 200.000-400.000, also some Mega-Yachts of 80-100 feet at a budget of several Million Dollars. This numbers do not include private import of second hand yachts, which arrive to Israel at a rate of 2-3 per month.

In Israel are operating about a dozen of Yacht importers who represents the most famous brands in the world market, for example: Jeanneau, Beneteau, Hunter, Bavaria, Hanse, Ferretty, Grand Soleil, Azimut, Gib' Sea, Comar, Cranchi.

Naturally, this developments influences also the accupancy of berths in the marinas. In the Tel Aviv Marina with it's 250 berths and Acco Marina with about 80 berths, it is difficult to find a free berth. Herzlia Marina with it's 800 berths is filling up at a fast rate. Also the Marinas in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Kishon are attracting more and more new yachts.

In Israel there are in operation 17 Sailing Schools, 4 Navy Collages and several tenth of yachting and sailing clubs. Every year few hundred of new yachtsman are graduating. In our next report we will provide further information of how to join a sailing club and learn to sail.


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