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The construction and development of Marinas in Israel has progressing nicely during the last 10 years. This is mainly due to the private initiative of investors and contractors, who discovered the huge potential and real estate added value of such investment.

On the other hand, there is a determined opposition from the "Green" bodies. They are succsessfuly hindering the promotion and construction of any new marinas. They claim for reasons of nature preservation and ecology, while the real reason is archaic attitude, which is not suitable for present times. Like the car, the TV and the computer, that are part of our daily life, so the boat and yacht are part of our free time and it is not possible to prevent this. Therefore the marinas are the basic infrastructure of every developed country.

The Israeli government initiated a long term program, for building 13 marinas along the Israeli coast. At the present in the south part of Israel, there are 6 modern marinas in operation: in Herzlia, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Ashdod, Askelon and Eilat, with a berthing capacity of 2.600 yachts. (average approx. 60% full). In contrary to the nice developments in the South, NO marina was constructed in the North part of Israel, yet there is a serious shortage in of berths there.

Mr. Gideon Shmuely the manager of Accre Marina sums up the situation:

1. Accre Marina, which serves also as fishing harbor, provides 80 berths for yachts. This is fully occupied since the first days of the marina.

2. Haifa Carmel Club, which is situated at the entrance of Kishon (Haifa) Port is a private club (not a marina), providing for it's members about 100 berths. The place is very inconvenient for boats, due to the swell at the harbor entrance, therefore most of the boats are wintering out of water.

3. The fishing port inside the Kishon Harbor, was converted to a New Marina, recently, providing about 200 berths. The pollution problem of the nearby Chemical Plants are not very inviting environment for the yachts. So this serves as alternative choice for unlucky yachtsman of the area.

4. The new projected marina near Cape Carmel, is suck due to the "Green" organizations. They are opposing the project by applying aggressive strike actions.

To sum up, the real problem of the visitors coming from the north (Cyprus, Lebanon or Turkey, etc.) is a convenient stopover in this are, and for the locals where to moor their yachts (the nearest alternative is Tel Aviv or Herzlia 50 miles to the south.


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