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Cruising taxes in the East Med.

Yachtsman cruising in the East Med. must take into consideration, the special taxes are due when cruising along this coasts. This of course on top of the Marina or Harbor dues at a rate of about 25-50 US Dollars per day / night. Some Marinas are granting the first 1-3 days free of charge. The following regulations and payments are due to yachts during a short visit (few weeks). For a longer stay (several month or years), import / export of vessels are implemented. This must be consulted with Customs Agent or Marine Authorities of the relevant country.

Passport control and customs are free of charge. There is no special charge for cruising along the Israeli coast, though there are strict procedures regarding security-closed areas. Details about the closed areas might be obtained from all Marinas managements. Also please note the entering procedure to Israeli territorial waters article dated 28/12/2000 in "News" section.

Cyprus South (Greek)
Passport control, customs and health department are free of charge, though if yacht arrives after 13:00 Hrs it is charged "over time" at a rate of 20 Cyprus Pound (approx. 50 US Dollars). The alternative is to wait until next morning, of course the crew is not allowed to land until than.
Important to know! Also during inter coastal cruise (after initial clearance) between ports (Paphos, Limasol, Larnaca), the yacht is obliged for clearance at every Marina individually.

Cyprus North (Turkish)
Passport control, customs and health department in Kirenia and Famagusta are free of charge. It is important to know that the entrance to any of North Cyprus ports is a serious breach of South Cyprus laws.

Passport control, customs, harbormaster and health control are free of charge, though each authority has it's own office and the procedure might be quite lengthy and time consuming. At the customs office the "Transit Log" (permit to cruise along the coast) is issued, the permit cost is 50 US Dollars per yacht, (irrelevant of size) and is valid for 3 months.
Important ! Rented yachts of non Turkish registration or private yachts of which the skipper is not the registered official owner, are charged for "Charter tax" at a rate of 400 to 1000 US Dollars, according to the size of yacht. Such yachts, if they entering and exiting from same port, are exempted from the "Charter tax".

Passport control, customs, harbormaster and health control, are free of charge. Normally the whole procedure is executed in the Police office (Captaneria), there is also issued the "Cruising log" (permit to cruise along the coast), the price is 2000 Drachmas per each meter of yacht length (about $ 100 for 40 feet yacht). Important ! Rented yachts of non Greek registration or private yachts, when the owner is not on board - are charged for "Charter tax" at a rate similar to the Turkish taxes (see above).


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