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Atlantic record attempt - failed !

Team Adventure's attempt to break the transatlantic west-to-east sailing record ended dramatically when the port bow broke away from the hull with a loud bang.

At the time the 110-foot catamaran was 110 miles south of Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, and sailing at 30 knots in dense fog and pre-dawn darkness. After a fast and flawless overnight run from New York, the monster cat was 45 miles ahead of official record.

No one was hurt among the 15-man crew and the boat was not in immediate danger. She is proceeding back to the North American mainland under her own power and us expected to take 24 to 36 hours to reach land.

Lewis the skipper that said half of his 15-man crew was asleep and the watch on deck was maintaining a non-stop radar vigil in dense fog as Team Adventure sped through the pre-dawn darkness under full sail before a 25-knot southwesterly breeze.

The cause of the fracture was unclear. One possibility is that the catamaran hit a submerged object floating just under the surface of the waves. The crew scrambled immediately to get the sails down and stabilize the mast, using the running backstays and halyards and ropes as temporary shrouds to support the mast.

Lewis reported that as they got the situation under control, they winched the broken section of the bow three feet in the air to keep it out of the waves as much as possible. The broken section is still aligned with the remainder of the hull, held in position by the forward crossbeam. There was no danger of flooding or sinking because watertight bulkheads are positioned every five feet in this area of the hull.


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