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Improvements on our site !

Due to improvements and construction works - our site will not be active till the 7th October 2001.
With the renewal of operation we intend to insert new departments. One of the most important is "Library". This will enable to find articles of interest in a simple and efficient way, due to specification to subjects, for example:

* Engines, Technical systems, Marine technology.
* Sails and Sailing technique.
* Marine law and racing rules.
* Marine Education and Instruction.
* Seamanship and safety.
* Emergency and rescue.
* Cruising and Navigation.
* Legislation and Insurance.
* Mooring, anchoring and marinas.

After the 7th October, we will be at your service for inquires, technical support and advertising, as before. Yachtsmen that would like to contribute with relevant articles of interest according to subjects above are mostly welcome. Please apply to:


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