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Terror influences Yacht Charters !

The Twins disaster in New York and the war against the terror, caused recession in many economic fields: Aviation, Tourism, High-Tech, etc. Now it reaches the Yacht Charter businesses.

The huge tourist concern: First Choice Holidays, which includes, Sunsail, Stardust and Crown Blue Line are operating together more than 2.500 yachts, in 25 countries around the world. The concern announced the downturn of in booking and as a result the discharge of 1.100 employees. The main reason according to Andrew Howard company director, is because Americans are not booking holidays which require them to fly.

On the other hand, Israeli Yacht Charter Companies are reporting a blessed activity during 2001 season. A special development was registered in the canals and rivers cruising in Europe. From Medina Tours Ltd. it was reported that 150 sailing groups have been sold during this season, which represents a growth of around 30% from last year. Tashoot Company is reporting similar numbers, also Gordon Tours, Graiver Tours and Around the World are reporting on rise in demand for Yacht Charters and Boat rentals.


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