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The Israeli Yachting Championship 2001

The Championship was organized by The Israeli Yachting Organization
On Friday and Saturday 26-27 October 2001. The race was held opposite Marina Herzlia in quite a rough sea with winds 18 up to 25 Knots and waves 2-2.5 meter.

32 yachts took part in the race, including yachts from Marina Tel Aviv, Marina Herzlia, Marina Ashdod, Marina Askelon and Haifa Carmel Club. The race was divided in 3 groups according to the handicap. The organization at sea and the final prize giving party in Marina Herzlia, was at a very high standard due to the professional work of Rea Rahman from The Nautical School "Dereh Hayam".

The results:
Group A (Large Yachts)
1. "Blue Symphony" skippered by Izi Swisa
2. "Sabra 1" skippered by Israel Perlov
3. "Bentosh" skippered by Uri Avitan

Group B (Medium Yachts)
1. "Argostis" from Nautical School "Sea-Gal"
2. "Olla" from Nautical School "Dereh Hayam"
3. "Via Maris" fron Nautical School "Dereh Hayam"

Group C (Small Yachts)
1. "Lolipop"
2. Avis
3. "Sindrom"

A special prize was granted to Yacht Bentosh as the fastest yacht in the race. Special thanks to the main sponsors of the race:
"Omega" Watches International, "Hashavshevet" Israeli Computer Software, "Yamit" - Marina Tel Aviv


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