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The German yacht Illbruck with skipper John Kostecki from the United States finished first in the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race around the world. When the second boat Amer Sports One with Grant Dalton still had 13 miles to sail.
Even though Amer Sports One was in a safe distance, the Illbruck crew did not back off, but kept pushing till the very last minute, close reaching in more than 30 knots of wind and 2 meter waves. Amer Sports One finished just over two hours after Illbruck. The second place arrival in Cape Town was sweetened for Grant Dalton with the good news that his wife gave birth to their third child, a girl, the day before.

With Illbruck and Amer Sports One tucked up in Cape Town, the story of the first leg now revolves around the six remaining yachts at sea, with Team News Corp looking safe to finish in third position

POSTIONS: 0400 hours GMT on October 25 - 1. Illbruck: finished 31d 06h 19m 49s 2. Amer Sports One: finished 31d 08h 20m 56s; 3. News Corp, 200 miles


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