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Atlantic crossing by rowing boat. . .

On 7th. October 2001, 36 rowing boats, from 15 countries, each one with two crew (among them Australian women crew), set out from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Barbados in the Caribbean, distance of 2.900 Miles.
The initiator of this campaign was the famous sailor Sir. Chay Blitz who in 1974 rowed the Atlantic single handed. The New Zealand rower Rob Hamill holds the present record at 41 days.

It is estimated that the New Zealand rowers Matt Goodman and Steve Westlake, who are presently in first position at a distance of less than 900 Miles from target.
If they will keep on at the present pace, the chances are that they will finish the race on 10th. November 2001, thus achieving a new astonishing world record of 34 days, improving the previous record by 7 days !


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